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Action X Solutions

Action X provides a suite of communication tools including digital signage, messaging via email/text/voice, service status monitoring, nearbles, personalized URLs, and more.
Consulting and training for communication planning is also provided.

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Basis HR™

Basis HR is a modern talent management system designed to break the constraints of traditional HR tools. This includes a process framework describing the entire life cycle of employment and software designed to support the contemporary needs of organizations all over the world.

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Legendary Consulting Group

The Legendary Consulting Group provides IT planning, process improvement, and productivity coaching for a variety of industries, including Banking and Finance, Energy and Utilities, Exploration and Mining, Government and Public Service, Higher Education, Travel and Hospitality, and Warehousing and Distribution.

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The IT Shared Services Framework™ or ITSSF™ (pronounced "its eff") is a non-prescriptive framework for implementing a shared services model among IT organizations. It is meant to serve as an implementation and management guide for those wishing to take advantage of sharing capability and resources in a secure and equitable manner.

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KANE Group

KANE is a consortium of five higher education institutions with a presence in Kansas and Nebraska. The purpose of KANE is to: provide a means to create efficiencies, improve services and reduce costs; seek opportunities to collaborate on purchases for bulk discount pricing; standardize technology practices and processes.

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Mainspring Framework

Mainspring is a talent management framework for managing employees and staff. It is meant to serve as an implementation and management guide for those wishing to fully leverage the capability and contribution of employees while eliminating problems surrounding pay and promotion.

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Pursuits XRM

Pursuits XRM is a large suite of integrated productivity tools that supports strategic planning, product/service management, customer relationship management, project and task management, team check ins, and lots (lots) more.

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Shockra provides custom software development, integration and maintenance -- supported by consultants that evaluate and recommend solutions for business process improvement and/or technology-based solutions.

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